bimal sarga lencse curry-je

amikor irtam a sok fozest, ocsem megkert, h kerjem el a receptet bimaltol
fel oran belul elkuldte
sztem marha mokas az e-mail, amit irt, berakom ide szo szerint
nagyon aranyos ez a srac, ez ordit a levelebol is

elotte itt egy emlekezteto kep rola

this is how i prepared it.

wash dal (indian name, actually toor dal) / lentil very well. these dals are supposed to have coloring agents.
Boil dal in water separately.add pinch of turmeric powder and salt. 20 - 30 minutes approx (sometimes more next time i'll check the time).
Potatoes chopped can be added to the boiling dal.

1.heat the oil.
2.put some black mustard in hot oil (caution it breaks with slight sound) . But this brings the taste of mustard.
3.fry chopped onions in oil till it is brownish ( i need to learn the special words of recipes! )
4.add 1-2 garlic (minced)
5.add small ginger (minced)
6.add pinch of turmeric powder
7.add chilly powder (actually green chillies are put)
8.mix well and keep frying.

add the cooked dal into the fried onion mix. add chopped carrots. keep in burner for some time and mix well. Ready!!

The best thing of this dish is that no other curry powders (normal to all other indian curries) are added except turmeric powder.

hmm...was that readable as a recipe!

miutan elkuldte, megkoszontem a receptet is, meg azt is, h ilyen gyors volt
erre csak ennyit valaszolt:

i was thrilled to write my first recipe!!


Anonymous said...


ma ezt főztem meg vacsorára, isteni finom!Degeszre ettük magunkat belőle. Köszi (és üdv Bimalnak is:))


anna said...

kedves Éva, ez nagyon szuper, de orulok neki!
irok mindenkepp bimalnak, tuti o is nagyon fog orulni *_*